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Jane Kathryn Teo
Jane Kathryn Teo

Cebu, Philippines

Freelance UI/UX Designer. Lazy Trekker. Mosquito Magnet. Struggling Doodler. πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ Want to work together? Say hey to hello@janek.design!

landing page, mobile interface, product design, uidesign, uxdesign, web design

  1. Future Money Podcast money cover art podcast logo podcast art cover minimal podcast branding logo
  2. Socabox - Digital Agency - Pricing Pages website design web design ui design uidesign sketch philippines minimal design minimal digital agency pricing plan pricing page agency website agency
  3. Socabox - Digital Agency Website sketch uidesign philippines minimal design minimal website design ui design digital agency web design agency website landing page agency web design agency
  4. Relax - A 70s inspired meditation app vintage meditation minimalist uidesign mobile ui relax meditate 70s
  5. FitCarrot health affinity design rewards fit fitness app reward fitness sketch minimalist uidesign
  6. SideAct: Another Side Project invisionstudio experiment side projects ui design ui
  7. Doodles Series #1 plants flower illustration drawing black and white doodle
  8. Practice Sketch Series #4 three houses fire emblem sketch illustration drawing black and white
  9. LnL Radio radio music ios design ui design uiux mobile app mobile app design
  10. Jane Kathryn Teo | Portfolio Website freelance design mobile design web design landing page ui design portfolio website portfolio design portfolio
  11. Practice Sketch Series #3 my hero academia boku no hero academia black and white anime hero sketch illustration drawing
  12. Practice Sketch Series #2 black and white monster sketch illustration drawing
  13. Practice Sketch Series #1 drawing black and white skull illustration sketch
  14. Game of the Generals - Battle Loading Screen loading versus game of the generals board game battle
  15. Game of the Generals - Battle Screen game of the generals board game dark mode tiles battle
  16. Game of the Generals - Logo - Intro game of the generals cartoon logo generals game
  17. #DailyUI :: 008 - 404 Page web design poop puns uidesign 404 minimalist green form dailyui
  18. #DailyUI :: 007 - Settings app design toggle settings minimalist material green form dailyui
  19. #DailyUI :: 006 - User Profile user profile app design material minimalist green form dailyui
  20. #DailyUI :: 005 - App Icon app design app icon nature minimalist green form dailyui
  21. #DailyUI :: 004 - Calculator uidesign nature minimalist form calculator green dailyui
  22. #DailyUI :: 003 - Landing Page landing page uidesign minimalist green dailyui nature
  23. #DailyUI :: 002 - Credit Card Checkout credit card shopping ecommerce checkout uidesign minimalist green forms dailyui
  24. #DailyUI :: 001 - Sign Up green minimalist forms uidesign dailyui sign up
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